Spring Green Confetti Earrings

These colourful, mosaic style earrings are vintage Italian glass with amazing patterns and colours on a milky green background. The colours and patterns have been created using a technique called millefiori, where rods of coloured glass are fused into intricate patterns during the heating process, and form part of the glass itself.

The glass is vintage, dating to 1940s.

Each glass drop is 15mm long (about the length of a thumbnail) and the earrings are available in two length options, both identical in appearance.

The shorter earring measures a total of 35mm long, and the green drop is designed to hang just an inch or less below the earlobe.
The longer option measures 50mm (two inches) and the glass drop will hang at jawline level. The ear wires are solid brass.

This piece of handmade jewellery comes packaged in a nice recycled gift box with a handmade tag, all ready to give or keep.