Stag Head Locket

This amazing oversized locket features a stag's head made from beautifully detailed antlers, and a tiny little brass locket for his head! The locket is genuine vintage stock dating to 1970s and the inside in inlaid with an amazing copper. It really is excellent quality and has a great size and weight, making it ideally suited to being worn at longer lengths. The locket is 70mm (well over two inches) long with a perfectly working clasp. It's finished with some thick brass chain. The tiny locket on the front also has a working clasp! The locket is available in a choice of lengths. Please refer to my illustration for a better idea of what they will look like when worn. *** PERSONALISATION *** We can personalise this locket for you, using a carefully designed technique to transfer your photographs onto the metal of the pendant itself, for a really soft and unique vintage effect. Parts of your image will merge with the golden brass behind, creating a very beautiful, unusual and ethereal look. To add personalization to your order, please purchase the add-on linked below, along with the locket of your choice. Please note that this service is only available for new locket purchases and cannot be bought for lockets purchased previously. Further examples of the technique are also available to view here: