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Birthstone Personalised Charm Necklace

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These tiny and delicate birthstones can be curated to create a meaningful and beautiful charm necklace, or added to one of our lockets as an additional charm.  

Each gemstone is around 6-7mm in length (super tiny!) and is set in vermeil.  This is gold plated sterling silver, making this the perfect gift for those who can only wear precious metals.  

You can create your own rainbow charm necklace from these twelve birthstones: 

January ◆ Garnet ◆ Red 
February ◆ Amethyst ◆ Purple 
March ◆ Aquamarine ◆ Pale Turquoise 
April ◆ Diamond ◆ Clear 
May ◆ Emerald ◆ Green 
June ◆ Pearl ◆ White Pearl 
July ◆ Ruby ◆ Red 
August ◆ Peridot ◆ Pale Yellow Green 
September ◆ Sapphire ◆ Blue 
October ◆ Opal ◆ White Opal 
November ◆ Citrine ◆  Yellow 
December ◆ Topaz ◆ Pale Blue 

The chain is also vermeil gold plated sterling silver.  Our necklaces are made to order and are available in a variety of lengths.  Please refer to our illustrated guide for a better idea of how these lengths look when worn.