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Verdigris Leaf Turquoise Green Earrings

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Earring Length
Leaf Finish

These turquoise leaf earrings are brass charms with some amazing detail, which have been carefully treated, painted and varnished to bring out beautiful tones and depth of colour and to show the incredible veining and other details of the metal.  These are coloured a beautiful, rich turquoise colour.  

They are handmade in our Edinburgh studio and no two pairs are quite the same! 

Each leaf is 20mm long (about the size of a thumbnail).

Our Leaf Earrings are available in two finishes: soft matte or a shiny glass appearance. The colour and level of detail on the earrings are exactly the same regardless of which you choose.  We've included an image for a better idea.  

We offer these leaf earrings in three length options. 
★ SHORT (2.5cm) hangs just below the earlobe.
★ MEDIUM (3.5cm) leaf hangs an inch below the earlobe
★ LONG (5cm) leaf will hang at jawline level.

The ear wires are made from solid brass.